Utility Charges

UTILITIES ARE NOT INCLUDED. Each unit is submetered for individual use for electricity AND water and sewer (there is no gas in the units), so monthly payments will vary depending on usage. You will receive 1 bill for all utilities from Studebaker Submetering. The billing cycle is the 8th to the 8th of every month. Payments are due on the 7th of every month. Studebaker Submetering handles all of the billing and payments for the Association. For billing questions, contact Studebaker Submetering at 703-916-900 or visit their website at www.studebakersubmetering.com. We encourage all residents to set up auto-pay since there is NO GRACE PERIOD for late utilties. If you do not receive a bill by the end of month, contact the Property Manager for a copy.

ALL NEW ACCOUNT SET-UPS ARE HANDLED BY THE PROPERTY MANAGER. New residents do NOT need to do anything to set up utilities. The start date is based on the settlement date or the lease start date (if renting). A one time $15 new account set-up fee will be applied to the first bill. Please contact the Property Manager to open and close an account.