Swimming Pool Guidelines


A. All persons using the pool and pool deck do so with the understanding that the pool will be operated in compliance with all ordinances, laws, and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia and Arlington County, the Declaration and Amended Bylaws
of the Association, and these Rules issued by the Board of Directors. The relevant Rules shall be posted near the pool.

  • A.l. Lifeguards, who are under the supervision of the On-Site Manager and the Pool contractor, are responsible for the orderly and safe operation of the pool and for the enforcement of all rules and regulations.
  • A.2. All pool users must obey instructions given by the lifeguard. Failure to heed the instructions of the lifeguard or violation of these Rules may result in suspension or termination of pool privileges.
  • A.3. The pool may not be used unless a certified lifeguard is on duty.
  • A4. Persons using the pool, or any facility associated therewith, do so at their own risk and responsibility.
  • A.5. The Lifeguard may immediately remove, or have removed, someone whose behavior is offensive and/or threatening the safety of others.

B. The pool is reserved exclusively for the use of the residents of Ballston 880 Condominium and their guests.

C. All persons using the pool will abide by the operating procedures set forth in this policy.

  • C.1. Hours of pool operation are based on the contract negotiated each year by the Board of Directors. Notice of hours will be posted near the pool.
  • C.2. The pool area may be closed or the pool cleared at any time due to County regulations, weather, breakdown of equipment, operational defects, or temporary absence of the lifeguard. When the pool is closed, no persons may use the pool.
  • C.3. Upon entering the pool area, each entrant must sign the register.
  • C.4. Pool users are to gain access to the pool through the gym entrance. Persons in bathing attire shall not pass through the hallways or common areas unless proper attire is worn over bathing suits. Residents are not to enter the hallways or
    common areas with bare feet.
  • C.5. For the protection of others, use of the pool may be denied to anyone with abrasions, coughs, inflamed eyes, contagious conditions or similar conditions, or to anyone wearing bandages.

D. All persons using the pool will abide by these rules and will not participate in any prohibited conduct.

  • D.1. All persons within the pool area must refrain from loud noise and boisterous behavior and shall not throw any objects. Radios and other audio devices may be operated only when they are used with earphones.
  • D.2. Running, group games, diving, ball playing, or any other behavior deemed unsafe by the lifeguard or interfering with the orderly operation of the pool is strictly prohibited in the pool area.
  • D.3. Toys, playthings, and similar objects will not be permitted in the pool area or in the swimming pool. Flotation devices of a small size, including kickboards and noodles, are permitted. Surfboards, large air floats, and similar items are not permitted. Snorkel masks and tubes may be used provided they are at all times attached to the user while he or she is in the pool.
  • D.4. Diving is strictly prohibited.
  • D.5. Children under twelve years of age must be accompanied by an adult while in the pool area. When in the pool, children under six years of age must have an adult in the pool with them.
  • D.6. Commonly accepted rules of sanitation must be observed. Children who are not toilet trained or other incontinent persons must have waterproof pants under their swimsuits.
  • D.7. Eating and/or the consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool area. No glassware of any kind or any other breakables may be brought into the pool area. Food consumption is permitted only in the adjoining courtyard/barbeque area. Users are responsible for their own clean-up. The lifeguard is permitted to eat in the pool area in order to keep the pool open for as much time as possible.
  • D.8. Pool users are responsible for disposing of their papers and other refuse in appropriate receptacles.
  • D.9. Pool furniture is not to be reserved.
  • D.10. Smoking in the pool area, to include the pool deck and in the pool, is not permitted in the pool area.

D.11. Pets are not permitted in the pool area.

D.12. Intoxicated persons are not permitted in the pool area.

E. The Association and its Board of Directors, the Managing Agent of the Association, and the employees, agents, or servants of these entities shall be held harmless from any and all claims, liabilities and other action by any owner, and by any guests, tenants, or licensees of any owner, arising from, or the result of, any accident, injury, or other occurrence which causes loss or damage to life, limb, or property sustained in connection with, or as a consequence of, the use of the pool, except when such is clearly proved to have resulted from, and have been proximately caused by, the direct negligence in the operation, care, or maintenance of the pool and pool deck area by the entities or individuals cited in this paragraph. Any damage to the pool caused by any owner or by any guest, tenant, or licensee of any owner, may be repaired by the Association at the expense of the owner, as determined by the Association.