Schedule of Fees

Move-In Fee

One-Time Non-Refundable $500.00

Security Deposit $500.00

New residents must meet with the On-Site Manager prior to move-in. Residents must also schedule a move-in date a time at least 2 days in advance to reserve the loading dock and service elevator. However, it is recommended to schedule your move-in or move-out date as soon as you know. Late notice moves will not be allowed. Move-in times are between 8am – 12pm or 12pm – 5pm Monday thru Friday and 9am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Arrangements must be made with the On-Site Manager for move-outs as well and pay the refundable $500 security deposit.

Please keep in mind that the move-in fee applies to units listed as corporate rentals, as well. Additionally, all new residents (owners and tenants) must have a new tenant orientation with the On-Site Manager prior to move-in. A copy of the new lease and lease addendum (if applicable) must be provided to the On-Site Manager with any fees due PRIOR to moving.

Failure to follow proper procedures for move-ins and move-outs will result in fines.


Pet Registration Fee (per household) $200
Paperwork must be completed with fee

Short term fob rental

Daily Rate $5.00 per day
Weekly Rate $25 per week

Common Area Room Rental

Security Deposit (refundable) $500.00
Room Fee (up to 4 hours) $100.00
Additional fee after 4 hours $35/hour

Policy Violations 100.00

Lost/Stolen Fob Replacement $50.00