Sale and Rentals

All owners and/or agents must speak with the On-Site Manager prior to placing a lockbox on the rail. The owner or agent must provide a copy of the MLS listing and/or ad running to assist in the sale or rental of the property. Any lockboxes placed on the rail without informing the On-Site Manager may be removed without notice.


Owners must provide an individual fob for their lockbox. A fob can be rented during the sale or rental listing period. Contact the On-Site Manager for applicable fees. The rental fob must be returned when the sale is complete or once the unit has been rented. If not, the fob will be deactivated and a $50 replacement fee will be charged. Please make sure that this information is noted in the listing.


Please make sure that the number of parking spaces and the parking space number(s) are listed in the listing as well. If the owner does not have that information, call the On-Site Manager. Please look on the "Floor Plans" tab to see the total square footage of units and general layouts of the units. Please note that the actual room sizes are not available. For accurate room sizes, please take the time to measure the rooms. Additionally, the floor plans are just representations and may not acurately reflect each unit. A listing of all sales and rentals will be posted in the building by the On-Site Manager so it is important that the contact information is up to date.


CONDO DOCUMENTS can be ordered through the Legum & Norman website: www.legumnorman.com. Click on the “Resale And Account Documents” link. If you have any problems or questions regarding ordering documents or any other issue, please contact the On-Site Manager.