A.    Restrictions


A.1. Unauthorized parking or standing of vehicles and/or bicycles is prohibited on all condominium common elements such as the front driveway, the garage, loading dock, walkways, and bicycle storage cage.


A.2. Unattended vehicles found on common elements (e.g. in the front driveway or loading dock area) without authorization will be towed from the premises at the expense of the vehicle’s owner in accordance with Arlington County towing statutes.  The building manager, the Board of Directors, or the Board’s delegate is responsible for having the vehicle towed.


A.3. A vehicle must not be parked in a manner that interferes with or impedes access to any numbered parking space or the front driveway or that would impede pedestrian access to the building entrances or exits.


A.4.  The repair, maintenance, or washing of automobiles or other vehicles is not permitted on the premises. 

i.  In the event that a vehicle is disabled, emergency maintenance is permitted to restore the vehicle to running condition.


A.5.  The storage of anything other than one motor vehicle in the assigned parking space is prohibited. Any items found to be in violation of this rule will be subject to removal and destruction by the Board or a designee thereof, and owners of the assigned parking space may be assessed the cost of disposal of the item(s).  In such cases the Board shall not be held liable for any prohibited item that is removed.


A.6. Motor vehicle includes an automobile, automobile truck, automobile wagon, motorcycle, or any other self-propelled vehicle designed for running on land but not on rails. (18 USC)


B.  Authorization for Parking/Standing Vehicles Outside Entrances


B.1.  Vehicles are permitted in the front driveway for not more than thirty (30) minutes under the following circumstances:

i.   Attended vehicles waiting to be unloaded.

ii.  Attended vehicles waiting to pick up or drop off passengers

iii. Unattended vehicles picking up or delivering disabled individuals.


B.2.  Vehicles are not permitted to park in the loading dock area unless the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.  These vehicles should be parked in the loading dock area.  No vehicles may park on the sidewalk in front of the loading dock area, which may impede access to the loading dock.


C.  Owned/Leased Parking Spaces


C.1.  All vehicles parked in spaces assigned to units in Ballston 880 must display current license plates and current required stickers (e.g., inspection, county).


C.2.  For leased/rented spaces, owners shall provide documentation authorizing use of the space.


C.3.  If an unauthorized vehicle is either parked in an assigned space or blocking access to an assigned space, owners may have the offending vehicle towed.  Owners must provide proof of ownership of their numbered space to the towing company in order to have an unauthorized vehicle removed from the premises.


D. Guest Parking


D.1. Any unassigned parking spaces may be designated as guest parking by the Board.


D.2. Guest parking will be charged at a fee in accordance to the Association’s fee schedule


D.3. Guest parking may be rented for a period of up to one week (seven days) consecutively.


D.4. All guest parking arrangements must be made in advance with the On-site Manager.


D.5. All guest vehicles must display proof of rental, which will be provided by the On-site Manager.


D.6. Unauthorized vehicles parked in unassigned parking spaces will be subject to towing.


E.  Bicycles


E.1.  A bicycle storage area is available on the G1 level. Bicycles may only be stored in the designated area(s). Bicycles are not to be stored on balconies.


E.2.  All bicycles are stored at the owner’s risk.