List of Amenities



“Club” Room -  Lobby
TV & Fireplace


Game Room  -  Lobby
TV, Stereo, Pool Table & Poker Table


Computer Room - Lobby
3 computers, Printer/Copier/Scanner, & conference table


Conference Room -  Lobby
Glass Conference table with incandescent lighting


Theater Room - Lobby
Projection TV on large screen shows cable, dvd, & stereo

Fitness Room - 2nd Floor
2 Treadmills, Stairmaster, 2 bikes, 5 dual station machines, & 3 TVs

Outdoor Pool - 2nd Floor

Grills Lobby - &2nd Floor


All amenities are available 7am to 12midnight 7 days a week with the exception of the computer room and fitness room which are available 24/7. The amenities at Ballston 880 are rare. This is a great selling point! The rooms are available to all residents on a first come first serve basis (unless it has been reserved) during the times mentioned above without reservation or fees. However, any resident wanting to reserve a room must schedule with the On-Site Manager and pay the appropriate fee (see fee schedule). Groups of 10 or more will be assessed the room fee regardless of if a reservation has been made.