Bike Racks

POLICY NO. 01-2009-01: Bicycle Storage

A. Purpose - Given the high utilization of the current bike storage room, the association has deemed it necessary to expand bicycle storage capacity. The Unit Owners Association is authorizing the installation of bike racks on the wall in front and/or to the side of the owners' parking space(s). Residents, who do not have wall space in front of their parking space to mount a bike, will be given first priority in the bike room (see list). Any residents who wish to utilize the bike room must make a written request to management. Residual spaces in the bike room will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Those who do not use the bike storage facilities will not be affected.

A.l. Bikes should be locked to the rack.

A.2. Unit owners may not install their own rack. The Association will both purchase and install the racks. The unit owner will be responsible for the cost of the rack and installation.

A.3. The bicycle racks will be for bicycles and related accessories only (helmets, seats, locks, etc). No other items shall be stored on the rack.

AA. Bicycles may not be stored in the area in front of parking spaces if not on an Association approved bicycle rack.

A.5. Bicycles may not be stored on another unit owner's rack without express written consent.

B. Bicycle Storage Room

B.I. Only bicycles may be stored in the bicycle storage room.

B.2. Unit owners that have a compact space will have priority for the bike storage room over owners with full-size or over-sized spaces.

B.3. Bicycles may not be chained to the pipes or any structure in the storage room other than the appropriate bicycle rack. Bicycles may not be stored on the floor.

C. Bicycles in the storage room or on appropriate rack are stored at their owners' risk. The Association is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen items.