Access to the Building



Agents must contact the On-Site Manager prior to placing a lockbox on the rail. The rail for lockboxes is located on the lower wall on your left (when entering the building from the street) in the breezeway. Please make sure that the lockbox is clearly labeled with the unit number and the agent’s information on the exterior of the lockbox. Additionally, please label the key and fob inside the box. Lockboxes placed on the rail without speaking with the On-Site Manager will be removed. There are 2 rails so if a rail is full, please add your lockbox to the other rail.


The Association has a lockbox with a fob to access the building on the rail in the vestibule (the On-Site Manager’s card is attached). You will need to call for the code. Please make sure the fob is returned to the box or the last agent who opened the box will be charged a $50.00 fee to replace the fob.


Use the callbox out front to contact the owner or On-Site Manager if you are unable to access the building. The On-Site Manager can be contacted by pressing the red button and dialing 0002. The resident can be contacted by pressing the red button and dialing 0 plus the 3-digit unit number (applies to floors 2 – 9) or dialing the 4-digit unit number for units on the 10th floor.




Agents conducting open houses are not allowed to prop the front doors to allow access to the building. Please contact the On-Site Manager to change the number in the callbox to the agent’s cell phone who will be handling the open house. The number will be changed on Friday and returned to the original resident’s phone number on Monday. When agents receive calls from prospective buyers, please verify who is calling then proceed to allow access to the building by pressing 0 on the cell phone. Please remember to list this procedure in the MLS, open house listing, newspaper ad, or other marketing material. Any agent found propping doors will be assessed a fine.